The Zoom link will be sent to you close to the Workshop date. 

Yoga and Pilates (all levels)

with Shannon Knorr

Fridays, starting September 10th - ongoing through the Fall

9:00-10:30 a.m.

$90 series of 5 I $20 single class 

Please pay Shannon directly at www.paypal.me/embodypilatesstudio

In this class we explore strength, breath, and fluidity while moving through different movement modalities and somatic practices, from Yoga, Pilates, traction methods, Gyrotonic and more, with focus on inner and outer alignment, nervous system rebalancing and regulation, strength, balance and embodiment. All levels are welcome.


Founder of Embody Studio, Shannon Knorr completed her Pilates certification in 2003 through PhysicalMind and Balanced Body. Gyrotonic Level 1 in 2005, and received her Dance/Movement Therapy degree in 2000. She completed a 500 hour Advanced Yoga Studies certification in Iyengar inspired Yoga at The Yoga Room, Berkeley in 2014. Shannon herself is a breast cancer survivor and her movement practice of Yoga, Pilates and guided meditation saved her during her time in treatment. She believes fully in her work and teaches directly from her own experience and heart.


Twist Practice 

with Mary Lou Weprin

Saturday, November 6
2-4 p.m. | $40

Join us for a practice of a variety of standing, seated, reclining and inverted twisting poses.  Mary Lou will provide warm-ups for the hips and legs, shoulders and upper body as we explore our twist repertoire, finding ways to make some of the more challenging poses accessible.  We will work with props and particular sequencing and instructions to enhance our experience of these very enjoyable asanas.  Headstand and Shoulderstand will be practiced and alternatives will be given for those not inverting.

Recommended for Levels 2–5. 


Mary Lou Weprin has taught at The Yoga Room for over 40 years and enjoys supporting the practice community
in its endeavors.

Relieve Jaw Tension with Yoga and Mindfulness

with Cator Shachoy

Sunday, November 7
1-4 p.m. | $55

During these extraordinary times we are all a little or a lot more brittle in body and spirit. You may begin to notice that you are clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth. It may be something that will pass with better times, or it may be TMD – Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction - a very common, and often painful condition. Jaw tension can extend far beyond the jaw, and can be a factor in many conditions including headaches, sinusitis, sciatica, as well as digestive and hormonal disorders.

 The workshop integrates information from craniosacral therapy, Iyengar style yoga and mindfulness practice. Class time includes anatomical information, facial self-massage, yoga postures and mindfulness. You will learn how to map your personal tension pattern related to jaw tension throughout your body. Applying this information will help you de-escalate and bring relief.


workshop includes


·      Lecture with power point on what causes jaw tension and its repercussions  

·      Core actions & asana sequence to bring relief

·      Gentle, safe self-massage techniques to relax the face and jaw

·      Guided meditations & Mindfulness practices

This is a hybrid class, Zoom and in-person.
To take an in-person class, please make a reservation and show your card when you come to the studio.
The workshop will be recorded if you are not able to attend that day.


Cator Shachoy began the practices of yoga, Buddhist meditation, and energy healing in 1990 to heal chronic illness. Through the regular practice of these disciplines, she recovered her strength and vitality. For Cator, spiritual growth and development is a healing path inviting us to become more intimate with everything. Her practices of Buddhism, Energy Healing, Yoga and conscious body movement are deeply integrated. Cator is a CIAYT yoga therapist, YACEP instructor, MBSR Mindfulness teacher and Visionary Craniosacral work practitioner. She completed teacher training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco and Kripalu, and studied extensively with Bay area senior Iyengar teachers for 24 years. Her primary meditation teachers are Ajahn Pasanno, Ruth Denison & Mingyur Rinpoche. Cator has a certificate in Buddhist Chaplaincy. She began teaching in 1996, and currently she is in private practice and teaches internationally. Author of the forthcoming book, The TMJ Handbook: How to Relieve Jaw Tension with Yoga & Mindfulness. Available from Shambhala, Fall 2022.

Advanced Studies Program Yoga and Kinesiology

with Mary Ann Furda

Mondays, November 8 - December 13
5:45-7:15 p.m. | $180

The next ASP class for Year One students. 


Mary Ann Furda, D.C. is honored to be joining the faculty of The Yoga Room to teach Anatomy II. She traveled to Pune to study at the Iyengar Institute together with Gay White decades ago. She’s been teaching yoga ever since. Her knowledge of anatomy was initially gleaned from study at Palmer Chiropractic University, and subsequently teaching both clinical anatomy and in the cadaver lab there. Having been a massage therapist since the early ‘80’s, she’s taught anatomy for bodyworkers for over 30 years.

Developing a Practice of Inversions

with Gay White

Mondays, November 8 - December 13 and Saturday, November 13
7:30 p.m. | 7 Classes - $210

To register, pay The Yoga Room with either check, Paypal (info@yogaroomberkeley.com), or registration link below.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the class.


Gay White is Director of The Yoga Room and Co-Director of The Yoga Room’s Advanced Studies Program. She has studied asana and pranayama from Donald Moyer since 1991, and she studied from Geeta Iyengar at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India. Gay’s classes and workshops are dedicated to alignment and awareness in a safe and creative mixed-level learning community. Gay also leads yoga retreats and intensives locally and in Mexico. She has been making dances since 1975, and is director of the Yoga Garden Dancers.

Introduction to Sanskrit Pronunciation

with Phid Simmons

Saturday, December 4 
2-4 p.m. | $40

Learn how to pronounce the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, including the diacritical marks that adapt English letters to Sanskrit. We’ll practice reading and pronouncing yoga vocabulary and the names of common āsanas. This workshop concentrates on avoiding and correcting common pronunciation mistakes. Handouts provided. 

On Zoom.


Phid Simons has studied Sanskrit, Vedanta, and Vedic chanting with traditional teachers in India and the U.S. for over 30 years. She is a graduate of The Yoga Room Advanced Studies Program and teaches Sanskrit, chanting, and Vedanta in the Bay Area.

Winter Solstice Practice

with Thara Srinivasan

Tuesday, December 21 
4-5:30 p.m. | $20
(via Zoom)

Recharge your batteries with a restorative, revitalizing practice for the winter solstice. We’ll honor this seasonal turning point by being present with the breath as we practice asanas and pranayama to bring centering, warmth, and lightness, and qi gong movements to nourish and strengthen the kidneys, the organ system associated with winter and considered the root of vitality in Chinese medicine. Thara will share a favorite chai recipe beforehand. All levels welcome.


Thara Srinivasan, PhD, has been teaching classes and workshops at The Yoga Room for over 10 years. She is a graduate of The Yoga Room’s Advanced Studies Program and is a long-time student of Mary Lou Weprin. Yoga has been a strong tradition in Thara’s family for generations. She learned pranayama and meditation from her grandfather, a lifelong yogi, and viniyoga, a style of yoga movement with the breath, from her father, a student of T.K.V. Desikachar. She has studied qi gong with Master Shi Yong Yao (former Grand Master of qi gong and kung fu at the Shaolin Temple in China) and at the Wen Wu School in El Cerrito.




Thanksgiving Intensive

with Mary Lou Weprin

Friday, November 26 - Sunday, November 28
Friday: 2-4 p.m. | Saturday: 10 a.m. - 12 Noon & 2-4 p.m. | Sunday: 10-12 noon 
$160 for Full Series, $120 for 3 Classes, $80 for 2 Classes

Join us for a three-day Thanksgiving Yoga Intensive. Friday will be devoted to more dynamic asanas, such as standing poses and backbends. Afternoon practice will be devoted to inversions, forward bends, and restoratives. This intensive is for Level 2–4 and Level 3–5 students.

Note: Participants must register for at least two classes. Please indicate which classes you wish to attend on the registration form. For eligibility information, contact mweprin@comcast.net or call 510-236-0295.


Mary Lou Weprin has taught at The Yoga Room for over 40 years and enjoys supporting the practice communityin its endeavors.