The Pathway of the Psoas 
May 16 | 2 - 4 p.m. | $30
Shannon Knorr 

In this virtual workshop, we will explore and discover the pathway of one of our deepest postural muscle groups, the Iliopsoas. We will explore breathing techniques and feel the relationship between this deep hip flexor with our head and neck. We soften the superficial hip flexors, while finding deeper support of abdominals, the deep spinal muscles, hips, hamstrings and gluteals, to support this releasing and lengthening of the psoas muscle group. The props you need are a chair, a bolster, and 2 blankets, a strap and 2 blocks. Modifications are shown. All levels welcome, one year yoga experience is recommended. Please pre-register through The Yoga Room.



Anatomy and Asana Intensive | with Ada Lusardi

June 13 and 14, 2020 | $126

Saturday 11am–1pm and 3-5pm

Sunday 12noon-3pm

In this two-day "online streaming" intensive we will explore a wide range of yoga postures while applying and integrating joint/muscle anatomy and biomechanics. You will finish the weekend knowing more about how your body works and ways to practice safely and effectively for a lifetime. Open to teachers and students with a consistent yoga practice. 7 hours of CEU's available through Yoga Alliance upon completion.  You will receive an informational email the day before the event including log in details. Props needed: Yoga Mat, Block, Strap and 2 Blankets or thick towels.


Ada Lusardi (E-RYT, YACEP) teaches workshops and trainings that marry the heart and science of yoga while offering nuanced and precise teaching with warmth and humor. Through the use of compassionate and clear direction, intelligent sequencing, and skillful hands-on adjustments, her offerings challenge and refine one’s yoga practice regardless of age or ability. A self-professed “anatomy nerd,” she leads classes, retreats and trainings throughout California’s Bay area and around the country. She is a graduate, and faculty member, of The Berkeley Yoga Room’s Advanced Studies Program, a long time student of Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin, and a perennial student of yoga and life.

July Intensive | with Mary Lou Weprin

July 2–5, 2020 | $385

Thursday-Saturday 9am–12noon & 2-4pm

Sunday 9am–12noon

Our 30th annual Yoga Room Practice Intensive will help you to deepen your yoga practice, further your work on

more challenging poses, and develop your skills in partnering.


You are eligible for this intensive if you:

• regularly attend a Level 2–4 or 3–5 class at the Yoga Room,

• are a graduate of or currently enrolled in the Advanced Studies Program, or

• by permission of the instructor.


Mary Lou Weprin taught the Practice Intensive in partnership with Donald Moyer from 1992 until his retirement in 2014 and now continues as the leader of the workshop. She has been teaching ongoing classes and workshops at The Yoga Room for over 30 years. With Donald Moyer, she founded The Yoga Room’s Advanced Studies Program,
a two-year teacher-training program now in its 28th year. For information email mweprin@comcast.net.

Summer Intensive | with Mary Lou Weprin and Joseph Satlak

Sunday–Friday, August 16-21, 2020 | $565

9am–12noon & 2–4pm

The Summer Intensive will help you deepen your yoga practice and develop your teaching skills. During the morning sessions, we will address questions of alignment and sequencing and work on more challenging poses. The afternoon sessions will include pranayama, restoratives, and inverted poses.


Farewell Dinner on Thursday, August 20, 6-8pm


Joseph Satlak has studied yoga with Donald Moyer since 1992 and is a graduate of The Yoga Room’s Advanced Studies Program. He started teaching at the Iyengar Institute of Greater Boston in 1995 and has traveled frequently to study with the Iyengars at their institute in Pune. He is a featured model in Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body by Donald Moyer.


Mary Lou Weprin taught the August Intensive with Donald Moyer for 22 years until his retirement in 2014 and welcomes Joseph Satlak back for the sixth year as co-teacher for the August 2020 sessions. Mary Lou has taught classes at The Yoga Room since 1980. With Donald Moyer, she co-founded our Advanced Studies Program, a two-year teacher-training program now in its 28th year. Mary Lou has studied with B.K.S. and Geeta Iyengar in Pune, and with many internationally known Iyengar teachers.

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